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4 Views of the Supreme Being

by Tom James on 06/14/18

For all leaders, there is the ULTIMATE CHOICE: ”How do we define the Supreme Being and God's relationship with us?

There seems to be 4 choices of definitions and of the Supreme Being's relationship with us as a result of that choice:

  1. All Good, powerful, our Father, all merciful, all loving, the Creator, Maker of Personhood, our Savior, ever present, Defender of the weak, Forgiver of sins.

  2. There is no Supreme Being. What? Who cares? End of discussion. If there is no Supreme Being, then I do whatever I want, etc. and POWER IS ALL.

  3. I am my own God, because there is no Supreme Being. Doesn't exist! No one knows. It is an idea created by religions for control of their followers. There is no relationship between God and creation or human beings.

  4. The Supreme Being, God of my religion, is the only true Supreme Being. My Supreme Being is vengeful and tells us that everyone not of our faith is an infidel and therefore worthy of being kill, enslaved, or subjugated. Their kind is to be wiped out. My Supreme Being teaches us that women are lower in status than men in every way. Our religious leaders heed the directions of our Supreme Being and are in charge of all religious, political, social, business decisions and activity. Our Supreme Being tells us to destroy all art, ancient sites, and artifacts of churches. We should torture, rape, and enslave all infidels and send our warriors to commit mass murder.

I choose #1 as my definition of the Supreme Being. If we, as leaders, don't or won't intentionally choose to find our Supreme Being, then we are ALONE all our lives and for our life after death.

If we, as leaders, choose definition #1, then our lives can be filled with hope, love, and wonderful leadership and service of other Persons.

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