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Another Key Choice for Leaders—Love or Sex

by Tom James on 06/18/18

Dear Young, MALE Potential Ethical Leader,

When you choose, hopefully when you are in your teens, between adoring God (the Supreme Being) or rejecting the existence of God, you also choose whether to recognize the Supreme Being's most wonderful Gift to all Humanity—Personhood!

Then if you choose to define individuality as Personhood, then it follows that you must intentionally choose to make the act of love procreative, and not only sexual.

The rejection of the Supreme Being and Personhood means the girl/woman you approach is only, like yourselves, a mere animal. Love cannot flower in the dry dust of animal lust where pornography rules, destroys, and corrupts. The possibility of developing a friendship based on honor and respect for an “infinitely lovable and knowable Person” (St. Thomas Aquinas) disappears!

Choose, dear young man, to sublimate your sexual drive into the shared, love-filled exploration of a friendship that lasts years and even decades!

You will become a man on the day when the woman you have grown to love, loves you totally in return and surrenders herself to you in Trust. AND, you decide for you both that your wonderful friendship can only be fulfilled in marriage.

P.S. Sex before marriage is the death of true friendship between Persons.

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