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Ethics and the Internet

by Tom James on 06/02/18

Dear intentional, Good, ethical Leaders,

Does it seem to you, as it seems to me, that many worldwide Persons are treating the Internet as an opportunity for stealing? Stealing:

-Identities, in the millions,

-Money, in the billions,

-Secrets, important ones,

-Pornography, even child pornography!!!

-Stealing reputations, ruining people's lives with or without attribution of authorship,

-Stealing souls by recruiting young Persons for evil plots and communicating their schemes,

-Stealing on a gigantic scale with evil financial schemes, large enough to devastate countries and global currency valuations,

-Etc., etc., etc.

It does seem as if technological evil-doers have a general feeling of euphoria and glee.

“Wow, look what I can do!”

“All's fair in plundering by technology.”

They can create a perfectly evil virus, create an infinite amount of spam, or interfere in other countries' political life without ANY guilt or remorse at the havoc their actions have created.

What to do?

For starters, we should label such actions as EVIL. We should say, “evil virus,” whenever the word virus is used, or, “evil country,” if it is engaged in stealing technology, spreading viruses, or other such acts.

Also, if there is to be a Good, ethical Internet, there must be tech Leaders who identify and label evil Internet acts as evil.

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