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Leaders and Creating an Ethical (Wonderful!) World Community

by Tom James on 11/12/18

Leaders lead first of all through supporting or changing their followers' ideas (ethics) or priorities. A Father and Mother of a family lead by example and direction to make a priority of love, kindness, good habits, hope, love of God, virtue, charity toward those in need, and Work, for example.

The greatest current barrier to creating a worldwide Community of love and care for one another, mutual support, and peace is a failure to realize that we are all ALIKE and that we are all made Persons because God has given us each a soul.

Let all Persons in the world decide themselves and lead all the Persons in the world to adopt the following Pledge of Solidarity and Unity!

In order to create a worldwide Community of mutual support, kindness, and love, I PLEDGE to:

-Recognize that there is one Supreme Being (God),

-Recognize that God has given every human being on Earth a soul—the same soul that makes us Persons who are ALL the same!

-Recognize that if I join others in a loving belief structure and service-oriented activities, then I could contribute to the ultimate salvation of Planet Earth in the future and a love-filled world in the present.

As a Good, Ethical Leader, I pledge to provide help to those victims of violence, provide safe havens and shelter to those fleeing the horror of war-torn countries and Communities, and I pledge to pray to our loving and merciful God for a religious and ethical change of heart of violent Persons.

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