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Leaders and Global Problems

by Tom James on 09/04/18

Dear good ethical world leaders,

Be brave, and don't lose heart in the face of:

  1. The existence of WMD's and their possession by evil political and religious leaders of some nations,

  2. Terrible wars of genocide, religious conflicts, and power struggles over territory,

  3. The theological, philosophical, and ethical conflicts of ideas and beliefs,

  4. The global race toward consumerism and unbridled capitalism,

  5. The fearful impact of fossil fuels, chemicals, and waste products on the Earth's environment,

  6. The growing, corrupting influence of drugs on individuals and political structures,

  7. The unbridled drive for more and more political and economic power,

  8. The spread of atheism and total abandonment of Faith in a Supreme Being,

  9. The global disappearance of commonly held good, ethical and philosophical beliefs and structures, such as: family life, Personhood, justice, mercy, the desire to make the world better, etc., etc.,

  10. The sudden and overwhelming growth in the world's population due to the spread of healing pharmaceuticals and medical knowledge about the need for clean water and clean everything!

  11. Uncontrolled technological development that is creating good and bad but is growing so fast that its true impact is little understood by anyone,

  12. The slow dying of FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY, and along with them a slow dying of any binding force that unites all aspects of our lives!

  13. The worldwide problem of mass migration and its disruption of global economic, social, and political systems,

  14. The inability of the United Nations to effectively and speedily address these and other problems.

I beg world, political, religious, economic, and media leaders to:

  1. Call a special meeting of the United Nations, with world leaders in attendance, to develop a prioritized list of worldwide problems, along with possible solutions, and beginnings of solutions,

  2. Create globally-mandated organizations to begin addressing these issues with action plans and timetables of implementation,

  3. And all leaders, everywhere, turn towards the Supreme Being and pray for help!!!

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