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Leaders and Tech Fallout

by Tom James on 09/24/18

I hope that you leaders of nations will consider some negative side effects of the use of technology on its users and how they magnify the threat of WMD's to humanity. Please do not delay taking action and ridding the world of WMD's.

I believe that the incredibly forceful impact of technology on its users is changing the way that techies (everybody, almost) think and act.


The instant reward to a tech program is addictive. It takes over as primary reward that is sought after in us techies' life. I consider my crossword puzzle habit as an addiction.

When? Where? How?

In television, movies, computer games and programs, news media, and tech gadgets like Amazon Alexa, the rate of information is speeding up dramatically. Many ads on TV are using one second or less image changes, demanding the total attention of the receiver. The new Amazon Alexa gives instant information response to questions that used to take hours or more to find in a dictionary, map, or book.

Final drafts of complicated reports are typed, printed, and faxed in minutes, pulling together data from hundreds of sources in seconds. Contact with friends, family, and business associations are in seconds—WORLDWIDE!

Since the invention and widespread use of the telephone, telegraph, radio, television, Internet, and the worldwide dissemination of news, entertainment, along with personal and business contacts, we've gone from snail mail to instantaneous!!!

The impact of these wonderful inventions have made:

-Great positive impacts on science, medicine, politics, comfort, entertainment, and on people everywhere.

-Great negative impacts on warfare, spread of disease, illegal drugs, crime, thefts of technology, spread of evil ideas and corrupt concepts, and harm to the environment, all living fauna and flora, and on our air and water.


-That's not the worst, dear leaders!

Mobile phones and computers have spread the power to act for good or evil to everyone, including people on all levels of nations, businesses, and organizations.


I beg you leaders of nations to:

-Recognize what these changes mean in regard to WMD's.

-Recognize that, at any moment, some techie underling could blow up the world, kill half the world's population, start rumors that turn our streets into never-ending horrible riots, and destroy our systems of finance, power generation, communication, transportation, and food production, ETC!

WHAT??? TO??? DO???

At least, big leaders, take a giant step and attack the problems faced by WMD's!!!! Try taking the steps given in my previous blog entries, or, I am sure, take advantage of better plans you already have on hand.

ACT, or surrender the fate of your children and grandchildren into the hands of a genius but stupid and uncaring techie who wants to “press the button” to get a big, instant reward!!!!!

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