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Leaders and the Gifts of God

by Tom James on 10/09/18

If there is NO Supreme Being, then all that happens is random and devoid of both meaning and hope!!

God (the Supreme Being) gives us:

-The universe, with all its wonders!

-The planet Earth, with all ITS wonders!

-A soul—which is given by God to all human beings—with the same hope, promise, and invitation to worship God in this life and forever, both with and in God.

-The freedom to choose the path of love, justice, virtue, and God... OR the path of SELF—using others and this life to embrace evil and vice.

-A good guardian angel, which helps us choose good. God also allows an evil spirit, which tempts us endlessly.

-The beauty and bounty of the Earth, to nourish our souls with beauty and our bodies with water, food, and shelter.

-The gift of loving relationships with OTHER PERSONS, which provides the Leaders who create good families, Communities, nations, and civilization where good acts drive out evil ones. God also allows us to have corrupt and corrupting relationships with other Persons, bringing about evil Leaders which bring us famine, wars, hatred, etc., etc.

-An ever-searching and learning intellect which brings us, for instance: good theology and philosophy, good concepts like Personhood and democracy, as well as evil concepts like defining their Supreme Being as telling them to hate any strangers (infidels!) and telling them to conquer, kill, subjugate, enslave, etc., etc., creating Hell on Earth.

-The Supreme Being encourages us to bond with dogs and create relationships with cats!

-The Supreme Being gives us a sense of humor.

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