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Leaders' Development and Abortions

by Tom James on 10/20/18

This entry is especially addressed to the men and women of child-bearing ages.

I hope that if I propose to you the terrible steps that lead to a young woman's decision to abort her child, that you men and women (as well as boys and girls) might get off the PATH to abortion.

The “Path” consists of some of the following ideas, values, and habits that lead to abortion and the death of a child!!!

  1. The slowly developing idea that God is not an important presence in their lives.

  2. Because of #1, the failure to understand that we are not only animals, but that we are Persons—with the God-given gift of a soul. Failing to understand that we have a purpose, with the responsibility to have a lifestyle that prepares us to live with a good and merciful God forever.

  3. Becoming, gleefully, part of the idea that sex is “fun,” that it's merely a passing fancy, that it is never a sin or evil, and that sexual partners are whatever we want them to be before, during, and after sex, including a “one-night stand!!!”

  4. That premarital sex is clearly OK as long as there is a good chance for there to be a wedding, even though it's just a 48-hour party and marriage is something that we will work out as it unfolds!

  5. That, if an unwanted pregnancy happens before or after marriage, then, if we decide, we can get help to kill the child (called a fetus!) and dispose of the “remains.”

  6. That's all there is to it. No sin along the way, even starting with the first terrible act of turning our faces, souls, and minds away from God, then drifting into a world of LBTQ[etc.] and leaving church affiliation, family guidance, and/or pressure. The holy seems “prudish,” the Holy Bible is just “good reading,” proceeding to choose bad venues rather than good venues to socialize, and then, of course, drugs or alcohol (to help us keep on an “even” keel etc., etc.) while we continue on our downward Path.

On the other hand, a good “Path”:

We could choose God and Personhood as Core Values and define our relationships with the opposite sex (or with anyone) as a chance to develop all the following: TRUE and LASTING FRIENDSHIPS that grow stronger, loving, focused on others, wonderful, and blossoming into marriage, family, children, praying together, and a life of good, ethical leadership.

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