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Leadership and Intentionality

by Tom James on 08/18/18

Intentionality is using the power of the will to make things happen, rather than waiting to see what happens.

To begin, let's apply intentionality to leadership.

For 30 years, when I taught management off and on, I began the class with a pledge on the board that began, “I INTEND to BE a good, centered, ethical leader!”


-I intend to believe (have faith) in the existence of a GOOD Supreme Being (God)!

-I believe that God has given us human beings a soul (Personhood) which is exactly the same in all Persons.

-This means that, since our God is all good, then God does not inspire, condone, or support evil acts of hatred or violence against other religious Persons or anyone else.

-I intend to lead others to share my theological and philosophical beliefs because if all Persons shared these values and beliefs, then we could create Communities on a Planet of love and justice.

-I intend to treat Persons I lead with respect, kindness, charity, justice, support, openness, friendship, good instruction, good values, gentle discipline, expectation of creativity and hard work, and support in prayer.

-I intend to grow in a personal direction of good virtues and love of God.

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