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Leadership and the Rapidity of Change in Values

by Tom James on 08/03/18

A few days ago, I celebrated my 86th birthday.

My dear good, ethical Leaders,

Are you experiencing the same culture shock of a society where the young people are being raised in the technological age in which ALL the values of prior generations are not only tossed out, but worse, completely ignored. It is not bad enough that my children and grandchildren have left their religion that we raised them in, but when I try, and I do try, to engage them in values dialogue, they are bored and treat me with kindness until they can get back to their iPhones or computer games or friends who all seem to think alike.

Why do I bring this up in my writing is mostly directed at Leaders and leadership as we deal with a world of WMDs and world leaders crazed with lust for power or praised with religious zealotry? Because, while I am proposing the shared values of recognition of the existence of a Supreme Being and the shared gift of Personhood, and therefore that we are all the same and need to care for one another individually and collectively—the upcoming generation of techies may end up destroying the world to see if it can be done!!!

My appeal, then, is to Leaders of the world to rid the world of WMDs and crazed Leaders and crazed theologies and crazed power mad political systems and nations before the techies and their robotic systems take over!!!

In the meantime, let us Leaders of the ordinary values, teaching vehicles of church, family, neighborhood, media, schools, etc., etc., keep on trying to pass along the wisdom of the past in the hope that God will help us do a better job, or will show this tech-fog-bound generation that they also need to learn the basic values that make a Community work for good, or they will raise a generation of real robots without values which become determined to rid the Planet Earth of “defective carbon-based units”!!!

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