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Leadership and Trust

by Tom James on 07/22/18

If our Planet Earth has any chance of avoiding a nuclear or WMD holocaust, then our leaders must begin to trust and be trustworthy! In order to trust, our nuclear nations need shared values!

A favorite Lao Tzu quote says, “He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.”

I hope it is clear from previous blog entries that because of the existence of both religious and political totalitarian countries, trust is missing in regard to future uses of WMD's, guaranteeing a horrible Armageddon... unless there is a change.

Despite all this, there is Hope! As I pointed out earlier, “mutual distrust” could give us a breathing spell if world Leaders recognize that the use of WMD's is a no-win scenario. I also see a “maturing” of political tyrannies, leading to increased economic freedom and a change from tribal, religious dominance to politically-run states. This means that a better future is possible!

These transitions are fraught with tremendous hurdles, and those of us Leaders not directly involved can only hope and pray for success and applaud every good sign of good progress by such regimes.

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