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Leadership and Your Guardian Angel

by Tom James on 09/02/18

If there is a Supreme Being (God), and I believe there is (JUST ONE!), and if the Supreme Being gave human beings a soul (and I believe that God did!), the same soul to everyone, then the ancient experiences with angels seem logical. The belief that God has assigned each one us a special guardian angel is also ancient and is a belief I treasure.

I believe I have conversations with my guardian angel, whom I have named Scholastica (with her permission. In addition, she has agreed to interact with me through the feminine side of her angelic being.

NOW, if you are still with me, I will, from time to time, share some of these “conversations” with you IF I am still communicating with you and not in a psych ward somewhere.

I asked Scholastica, my guardian angel, “How does it work?”

GA: What? (I hear no words, but I perceive clear answers to... my brain? To my soul???)

Tom: You are my constant companion?

GA: I am always available to you to “light, to guard, to rule, and guide” YOU!

Tom: Why? And how does it work?

GA: I am a gift of God to you, who will always allow you the freedom to choose and make good decisions. I have the power of God to protect you from evil beings who have taken away from you your free will.

Tom: Why is that so important?

GA: The life of your soul is all about choices. The ultimate choice is choosing God now and at the end of your life.

Tom: But that means I can make bad choices, and I can choose not to choose God at the end of my life?

GA: (No answer)

Tom: Tell me more about how that works.

GA: The life of every PERSON is filled with good and bad choices, and an often-changing direction toward a good life or an evil one. A Person's good choices, and the good habits make my job a joy-filled one that allows me to load up the good Person's soul with floods of God's love, mercy, faith, and hope. A Person's BAD choices and habits increasingly force me into a defensive role and less and less able to “rule and guide.” A life of evil choices creates numerous big and small accidents and calamities, both spiritual and physical, that I am less and less able to prevent.

Tom: Does that affect you?

GA: I weep, and I weep until the bad-choices-Person dies, and I watch helplessly as the gates of hell swallow the black soul into (???)! I'm filled with joy unbounded as a good-choices-Person dies and is embraced by “The Way,” Jesus, into the light!

Dear Leaders,

Talk with your good guardian angel today. It will change your life, FOREVER!!!

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