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Let Mass Murderers Disappear

by Tom James on 05/24/18

I beg the media, law enforcement agencies, and the public, to stop rewarding mass murderers and their sponsors with enormous reward of publicity. Therefore, I propose:

-That a mass murderer that is captured alive will have his/her head covered with a hood, have only a net for the eyes and mouth.

-He/she must remain hooded everywhere and at all times, except in his/her jail cell.

-His/her trial is to have no media coverage.

-He/she shall remain hooded while receiving visitors.

-There will be no media access for interviews or pictures.

-No reporting of mass murderers' history, motives, friends, family, responses will be allowed.

-No claim of sponsorship by evil groups (ISIS) will be allowed in the media.

-The mass murderers will disappear totally and completely until they die.

My reasoning is this:

-The mass murderers cause their murdered victims to disappear forever, and so should they!

-The hooding action, if known by all in advance, will cause second thoughts on the part of potential mass murderers and their sponsors.

-The disappearance of tremendous media coverage will allow victims, families, friends, and the whole world better healing space.

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