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Not Nice!

by Tom James on 07/03/18

Some years ago, I was walking beside a wonderful Benedictine nun who has wakened every morning for decades at 4:30 AM to write a poem!

As we walked, I said to her, “You are so nice.” Suddenly, I realized that she was no longer walking beside me. I stopped and turned to see that she had stopped, and her 5-foot tall, slight frame was behind me. She had a very stern look on her face as she stared ahead and said, “I AM NOT NICE!” She then marched by me, leaving me stunned and awestruck.

“Nice” can apply to dogs and days and decorations, but she had the insight to distinguish between that and KIND, which is a value that is an act of Love between Persons.

This lesson has been expanded my thoughts about Personhood.

IF we are all gifted with Personhood by God, then we must treat each other in a manner different from dogs sniffing each other. We must recognize the wonder of the “other” and reach out to EVERYONE with acts of kindness in all their beautiful forms, from a smile, a handshake, an embrace, or a lifelong commitment to Love and honor.

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