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On 9/11: Open Letter to Muslim Religious and Political Leaders

by Tom James on 09/11/18

The decision of the 9/11 murderers to commit mass murder on 9/11/2001 was an evil decision and could not have come from an all-Good Supreme Being. It had to have come from that part of Muslim theology that is TRIBAL and believes that all non-Muslims are infidels who must convert to Islam or be killed or treated as second class citizens!

In this theology, Muslims rulers in their created theocracies also claim that a tribal god gives permission for Muslims to kill other Muslims.

The Muslim world, and the non-Muslim world, is AFLAME because of these two TRIBAL beliefs!!!

The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and individual mass murdering terrorists daily commit atrocities by chopping of hands, enslaving, blowing up wedding parties and marketplaces, destroying villages and countries, genocide, and suicide attacks, ALL in the name of the Muslim TRIBAL god, the bringer of evil throughout the Muslim and non-Muslim world.

Horror, horror, horror!

If Mohammed were alive, would he want to see his sacred God ----- be the inspiration for these monstrous activities, based on the very few words in the otherwise beautiful and holy Koran?

Now, the world of infidels, including Christians, Hindus, etc., welcome the Muslim victims of these tribal beliefs with protection, help, and the shelter of a global theology that believes in a loving father God. The victims are being brought to a society of Persons that are loving one another, even their enemies.

Muslim religious and political (and tribal) Leaders, I BEG YOU: lead your countries to declare that your God is no longer be a vengeful, murderous God, but a Supreme Being who desires all God's created Persons to love and help one another to build a global family without WMD's, murderous sects and individuals, OR 9/11's.

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1. Nazma Chowdhury said on 4/1/19 - 04:15PM
You are so right. The tribal politicians from all religions, races showed inhumanity. Their wrong beliefs/fanatic power brings sadness, sorrows and disaster to a family, community and a country. Their motives are questionable for ages. their progeny don't know love but hatred. Our beautiful world crumbled on death ashes of our beloved ones, our good hearted neighbors or many unknown loving hearts. By the way the best spelling would be "The Holy Quran"

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