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The Fruit of Anger and the Fruit of Wisdom

by Tom James on 10/15/18

In my beloved USA, and my beloved Catholic Church, I see devastating havoc being caused by the sudden search for sins on the part of priests and mostly male celebrities. What I beg the leaders of these media-fed frenzies is to stop and consider the following questions and thoughts:

-Are you sure that your justifiable hurt and suffering caused by the sinful predations of 20 or 30 years ago justified the outing of those horrors causing the current destruction of the lives, careers, families, etc., etc. of your predators who are trying to live lives of service and work that benefits society?

-Does there exist a need to consider the law of proportionality in each instance, so that that evil act of the past does not spread even greater evil in the present through your actions?

-Please consider whether you victims are also called to forgive and not to seek vengeance!

-What is the effect of joining your cause together in a worldwide movement to assert the rights of women and to not be victims? Have you carefully considered the effect on the leader-subordinate relationship of today, and how this will bring doubt and fear into those relationships, even destroying them when there are only good intentions present?

-How does this attack on the hierarchy of the Catholic Church affect their ability to bring the grace and comfort of the sacraments to its billion souls, especially when the trust in the leaders of the Church from pope to priest is being systematically destroyed by the way in which the sins of the PAST are used against the PRESENT Church!

-Please let wisdom help you see and understand the dilemma of the bishop of 30 years ago. It was the midst of a sexual revolution of the '60's and dealing with the onslaught of sexual predations by priests. What to do?! On the one hand, all he could offer to the child and the child's family is shared sorrow and hopefully outrage. On the other hand, the priest is a soul in trouble, and he can provide a lifetime of service to the Church and thousands of persons. The bishop, encouraged by the current mentality of that time in the Church, opted for saving rather than destroying the priesthood of the priest.

-Be careful, leaders of this feeding frenzy, that the evil done to you now or in the past, can be buried in the past. “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Also, will your legacy of your current actions mostly help or hurt women in their leader/subordinate relationships, now and in the future?

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