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The Supreme Being (God), the Great Leader of ALL!

by Tom James on 11/27/18

So! What is God's plan? How can we understand what has happened, is happening, or deal with what is going to happen to us, unless we can surmise God's overall plan for Planet Earth and us Persons?!?!

Let us try and approach!

What if God's plan for the universe in general, and the Earth in particular, was to create places where life would flourish and evolve until beings were endowed by God with souls that give us FREE WILL to choose both good and a life of service in God, or evil and self-centeredness?!

So God gave us free will because God wants us to freely choose life eternal with the Supreme Being, worlds and Communities filled with beings capable of love and choosing service to God and one another (Leaders!) OR, of course, filled with beings incapable of love, capable of choosing to Lead others to do all the evil acts and ideas that we see examples of in the world today.

AND it is my belief that the greatest gift that God gave us is good ethical Leadership skills with which we good Leaders INTENTIONALLY try every day and in every way to create a better world, overcoming evil when and where we encounter it!

We must choose! Choose the better idea, path, relationship, or Work, choosing God's way in all things!

We all are either part of the solution, or we are the problem!

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