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Ethics and the Internet

by Tom James on 06/02/18

Dear intentional, Good, ethical Leaders,

Does it seem to you, as it seems to me, that many worldwide Persons are treating the Internet as an opportunity for stealing? Stealing:

-Identities, in the millions,

-Money, in the billions,

-Secrets, important ones,

-Pornography, even child pornography!!!

-Stealing reputations, ruining people's lives with or without attribution of authorship,

-Stealing souls by recruiting young Persons for evil plots and communicating their schemes,

-Stealing on a gigantic scale with evil financial schemes, large enough to devastate countries and global currency valuations,

-Etc., etc., etc.

It does seem as if technological evil-doers have a general feeling of euphoria and glee.

“Wow, look what I can do!”

“All's fair in plundering by technology.”

They can create a perfectly evil virus, create an infinite amount of spam, or interfere in other countries' political life without ANY guilt or remorse at the havoc their actions have created.

What to do?

For starters, we should label such actions as EVIL. We should say, “evil virus,” whenever the word virus is used, or, “evil country,” if it is engaged in stealing technology, spreading viruses, or other such acts.

Also, if there is to be a Good, ethical Internet, there must be tech Leaders who identify and label evil Internet acts as evil.

The Immediate Threat of WMD's

by Tom James on 05/29/18

Do we have a future in a world containing weapons of mass destruction and countries led by religious zealots and power-lusting dictatorships?????

NO! Because:

-There is no basis for Trust!

-There are no shared values that can form the basis for Trust.

HOWEVER, I believe that our situation is so critical, that we simply don't have enough time to build trust between all nations of the world and adopt a shared global value system. We have to do something about WMD's and power-crazed dictators immediately!

Earlier in this blog, I suggested actions that could—maybe—lead to the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction worldwide. I propose that the following be added to that list:

-Could it be that the shared value that saves a planet is DISTRUST???!!!???

-Could the realization of the validity of our total destruction by a confluence of WMD's and power-crazed or religion-crazed leaders make the obvious necessity of WMD-elimination so apparent—even to leaders stupefied by bad religious values and lust for power to realize: IT IS NOW OR NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now! Destroy all weapons of mass destruction, or commit WMD suicide! No! Suicide world-wide!

Let Mass Murderers Disappear

by Tom James on 05/24/18

I beg the media, law enforcement agencies, and the public, to stop rewarding mass murderers and their sponsors with enormous reward of publicity. Therefore, I propose:

-That a mass murderer that is captured alive will have his/her head covered with a hood, have only a net for the eyes and mouth.

-He/she must remain hooded everywhere and at all times, except in his/her jail cell.

-His/her trial is to have no media coverage.

-He/she shall remain hooded while receiving visitors.

-There will be no media access for interviews or pictures.

-No reporting of mass murderers' history, motives, friends, family, responses will be allowed.

-No claim of sponsorship by evil groups (ISIS) will be allowed in the media.

-The mass murderers will disappear totally and completely until they die.

My reasoning is this:

-The mass murderers cause their murdered victims to disappear forever, and so should they!

-The hooding action, if known by all in advance, will cause second thoughts on the part of potential mass murderers and their sponsors.

-The disappearance of tremendous media coverage will allow victims, families, friends, and the whole world better healing space.

The Family & Leadership Ethics

by Tom James on 05/12/18

The family is under attack!

I believe that the family unit is a bedrock unit of society, where good Personhood can flourish. If this is true, the wholesale attack on the family by the media in the Western countries forecasts a dismal future for Personhood in those sad states.


-Disappearnce, in all the media, of examples of good family life.

-Incredibly violent movies and TV shows, especially crime and horror shows. Male characters in family TV shows are depicted as buffoons.

-The reporting of crimes and terrible occurrence is shown as “news,” and it crowds out good happenings.

-The media's reportage of sexual predators, spousal abuse (by men), and acts of intolerance against LBGTs and minorities, while important and necessary for desired change in bad behaviors to occur, is excessive. The absence of good stories about good, ethical role models of both sexes may be leading young persons (esp. young men) to believe that evil is winning. Total inner isolation results, and they are vulnerable to drugs, violence, hate, depression, and to recruitment into evil groups and causes.

Dear good ethical parent family leaders,

Have hope in God's help. Seek help from your religion (if good!) Spouses must help one another. Seek help and love from your extended family. And keep your intentions to be good, ethical leaders for your family. God bless you!

Good, Evil, and Persons

by Tom James on 04/26/18

The Gift by our Supreme Being (God, for me) is Personhood. It is a door which, if we CHOOSE to, opens up to the world of the spirit! This Gift provides us with the opportunity to CHOOSE to love God now and forever.


We can choose to:

-Reject God's love,

-Ignore God's plan,

-Ignore the world of the spirit,

-Love self totally,

-Choose evil acts,

-Choose to bomb a crowded marketplace in Kabul,

-Choose to drive a van onto a crowded sidewalk in Toronto and kill 12 people,

-Choose to believe that my God tells me to do evil acts, and,

-Hate, lie, and destroy.

Dear Good Ethical Leaders,

Now is the time of weeping! Sometimes it seems that the world is full of murders, enslavement, tyranny, and hate. Evil-filled Persons who bring evil acts into the world with blind alacrity are winning. Now we live in a world of WMD's, where the evil acts of evil Persons may include causing the end of civilization.

Is there hope?


In what or whom?

You! You leaders are the hope that there is a future for the peoples of Planet Earth!

When God made us Persons, he not only gave us the ability to choose Good or evil, but he also gave us this planet to make it into a joyful Community of Good, Ethical Persons. OR we can choose to create a planet of evil, filled with Persons bent on destroying whatever they could and even possibly destroying the entire planet.

Is there a PLAN!?

Yes, YOU:

-Intend to become a Good, Centered, Ethical Person and Leader,

-Choose to lead,

-Work tirelessly to bring justice, mercy, love, kindness, and hope into the lives of all that we lead,

-Lead the world to understand that, in order to survive, we must, as individual Persons, and as a world of Persons, choose Good and abhor evil.

-Identify and name evil acts and Persons who do such acts as EVIL. The world's media must begin to label evil acts and Persons and those who commit these acts as evil. Not ISIS but evil ISIS,

-We, every Good leader, must work to eliminate ALL WMD's and SUCCEED at doing so,

-Pray—alone and together—to our Supreme Being for help, wisdom, and success.

Let's Pray

by Tom James on 04/19/18

Good ethical leaders need to pray—A LOT!

There is a Supreme Being [I call him God] that makes us Persons. He is with us and in us. He is always helping us every moment of our lives! Right? Is it true for you?

What?! You don't believe it? Well make it true!

Every day say the following: “God:

-I love you.

-I thank you.

-I worship you.”

“God, please help me lead:

-My family,

-My friends,

-My students,

-My co-workers,

-My bosses,

-My neighbors,

-My Community,

-My country,

-Every Person in the world.”

“Through me, give them your gifts of:







-Fear of YOU, God, and


“God please help me avoid:


-Lust for power,

-Lust for riches,

-Lust for a life of luxury,

-Lust for corrupt pleasure,

-Lust for more,

-And more...

-And more!”

“Grant me, Father, that I will be with you always. Let your will be done through  me. Amen.”

Dear Leaders of Nuclear Nations

by Tom James on 04/10/18

We, all the Persons of the World, are writing this letter to you, to ask you to stop participating in a policy of MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. How can you leaders not actively be pursuing a way to destroy all WMD's?!

Are you unable to even think about a world with no WMD's because of your fear and distrust of other nuclear nations' leaders? Are you INSANE? Insane enough to think that the Gobal Community could survive a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST?

WE, the ordinary Persons of Planet Earth, live in fear of horrible death, of horrible aftermaths, of Armageddon, brought about by one of you being insane enough to PRESS THE BUTTON!

YOU have brought back the 50-year-long era of M.A.D.!!!

Three words: WHY? WHY? WHY? You (and your predecessors) had a chance to bring about an era of sanity, an era with no WMD's.

So, one by one, non-nuclear nations have become nuclear nations, and insanely, believed that they ensured their nation's security. THE REALITY IS THAT THEY HAVE HASTENED THE END OF THE HUMAN RACE! Step by insane step...

STOP and THINK! Please!

We don't want to watch our children's flesh roasted or rotted from within by your actions.

NOW is the TIME!

Dear Leaders of Non-Nuclear Nations and Peoples

by Tom James on 03/31/18


The non-nuclear nations and peoples must come together to demand the following pledge and actions:

That all nations that possess WMD's and delivery systems will destroy all nuclear bombs, chemical weapons, biological weapons, Internet attack weapons, robotic weapons, and any delivery systems related to these and any other WMD's that people may come up with. They must provide total cooperation with those carrying out this pledge. Also, all nations must pledge to never develop or harbor such weapons in the future.

The future of the planet depends on YOU, dear leaders of non-nuclear nations.

The Making of Leaders: Choosing the Good Path or the Evil Path

by Tom James on 03/23/18

A thousand Good or evil choices over a number of years form a young person into the kind of adult they become.

Examples of Good leaders are:

Mahatma Gandhi


Martin Luther King

Thomas Jefferson



Examples of bad leaders are:



John Wilkes Booth

ISIS leaders



Good leaders choose:






Good role models



Love for family

To turn away from evil

Good friends

To love and serve the Supreme Being

Bad leaders choose:






Bad role models



No love for family


Bad friends

To turn away from the Supreme Being

Every life takes on a direction. Every Good, ethical leader has as a primary responsibility the nurturing and development of the leaders of tomorrow.

Please, mothers (most important!) and fathers (role models), teachers, coaches, municipal leaders, elected leaders, civil servants, etc.,

Be examples of Persons leading a life of virtue, service, and development of future leaders.

Message to Murderers

by Tom James on 03/13/18

Dear stupid!

Are you done with your mass murder by bomb, vehicle, AR-15, or whatever?

You have killed PERSONS, and our most precious gift of Personhood comes from God, something YOU Have NO RIGHT to take away. You must be REALLY STUPID if you think an all-Good Supreme Being could INSPIRE or REWARD you for murdering his precious Persons. (STUPID!) AND you have murdered yourself!

The overwhelming evil of your CRIME will dawn on you, through your barriers of stupid reasoning. You will realize that the source of your own hopeless anger and your deep down lies was nothing but a pack of LIES, which you—being stupid—eagerly lapped up, and you EAGERLY got explosives, or an AR-15, and away we go!

If you have not acted yet, please, please, please STOP. Please consider that Mohammed prohibited killing the innocent. Also, the Supreme Being has left “THOU SHALT NOT KILL” in stone. What's more, endless sorrow, hopelessness, and eternal darkness await a stupid decision to KILL!

Dear all Good, Ethical Leaders,

Pray. Pray for these stupid potential murderers. Lead those you can convince to serve, and not kill Persons! End of diatribe.

Jesus, the Gift Giver

by Tom James on 03/08/18

Dear current and potential Good, Centered, Intentional, Ethical Leaders,

As you know from reading this blog, I believe it is crucial for:

  • There to be shared ethical values in order to create a working Global family,

  • That central to that happening is a belief that there IS a Supreme Being,

  • That our Supreme Being has given all human beings a gift of a soul that makes us Persons,

  • That we ALL are Persons, and ALL are essentially the SAME!

  • There are no white, black, Hindu, Christian, or gay Persons,

  • We all share Personhood in the same exact way,

  • And we Persons have been searching for the infinite, for more, for answers, for Truth, for REAL Love, and for Hope that there is Love after death.

NOW. The missing piece in this picture is what? Oh! Values!

God, the Supreme Being, does answer that question. That answer has come to, and is listened to, by God-listening Persons (holy Persons) since the dawn of fire, when humankind discovered our ability to change the agenda for better or worse. Then, after several thousands of years of preparations with the Hebrew people...

God gave us HIMSELF!

Now, here are some facts. Proof that Jesus is God—God's self—and man.

  1. He was born, conceived by the Love of God for his Son, who is the Holy Spirit.

  2. Born of a virgin, who at age 14, said, “Yes” to God's will!!!

  3. He was born in a stable!

  4. He spent 30 years as a carpenter!

  5. He chose fishermen, a tax collector, and others like them, as followers to save the world.

  6. He was rejected by the Jewish religious leaders and hung on the cross to die by the Roman authorities, at the Jewish leaders' urging.

There, as if these are not proofs that Jesus was God!!!??? There you have it!

Wait! Don't go away! That's not all the story!

After 3 days in the tomb, Jesus won, rose from the dead, met many times with his followers to tell them their jobs, promised to send help—the Holy Spirit, and rose into the clouds to tell the Apostles to quit sticking around and “get on with it!”

Proof also: Jesus left us a revolutionary value framework for creating a Good, Global Community.

He gave us:

  1. The fact that the Supreme Being is Father—a loving, supportive, ever present Father. This Father is not a Supreme Being that sponsors evil!!

  2. He said in order to turn our lives toward the Supreme Being, we must forgive Persons who have hurt us,

  3. That we must love our enemies!!!!

  4. And he gave us...


Seek more!

Lead well!


The Supreme Being and Evil

by Tom James on 03/01/18

The current theological question of the present time is: does the Supreme Being support, sponsor, or even condone evil?

If Mohammad were alive today, would he lead his 1.4 billiion followers to change the basic tribal values of Islam from hatred of Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., to a shared believe in one Supreme Being and shared Personhood?

If Muslim philosophical and religious leaders believe that the Muslim Supreme Being condones acts of genocide, mass murder, slavery, etc., etc., then they consider their Supreme Being not to be all good, and therefore, simply a tribal god, with a small g, and not a Supreme Being.

If the Muslim Supreme Being condones evil, when do you think you will destroy the world with WMDs—5 years? 10 years? 25 years????

Dead Eyes, Dead Souls

by Tom James on 02/18/18

Dear Intentional, Good, and Centered Ethical Leaders,

Another school shooting is disrupting the lives of Americans, and people everywhere are wondering, "What are earth could possess someone to go into a school and start machine gunning people?" But look into the faces, especially the eyes, of the mass murderers. Do you see NOTHING?!?

Could these Muslim or American (or whatever) killers be at the end of a process of brainwashing, technology overload, bad ethical choices, and wrong (or no) ideas ideas about the Supreme Being? With bombs, AR-15's, or strapped explosives, could it be that their souls, their Personhood, have died within them, leaving nothing but an empty vessel into which any really evil and stupid idea can blossom into an act of horror, violence, and mass murder?

What can we, the ethical leaders of the world, do about this situation?

Embrace your families, friends, co-workers, Communities, countries, temples, mosques, churches (etc.) in a leader's embrace of good ethical values, love, and a lifelong search for service to the will of the Supreme Being, to the idea of Personhood, to anybody and everybody we can lead and love!

And hurry up! Dead eyes and dead souls seem to be in a population explosion!

Note: I'm not sure I need to say this or not, but a gun no explosives are only evil when put to an evil purpose by a dead souled individual!

Dear Muslims

by Tom James on 02/09/18

Dear Muslim Brother and Sister Persons,

I'm a Christian, and please, please stop (after 1300 years) saying that I and all Christians (and Hindus, etc.) are INFIDELS!

Listen, PLEASE! We both believe that we worship a Supreme Being. I believe—don't you? There can be only one Supreme Being!

OK! As long as you are a tribal religion, you can reject and attack all non-tribal members you define as infidels with the weapons of the day—UNTIL the age of the weapons of mass destruction!

NOW, the combination of WMDs and a worldwide religion that has sects that believe their Supreme Being would sanction their use against an infidel enemy can and will, ultimately, mean the end of civilization!

YOU, the ethical, religious, and political leaders of the Islamic people, must either forswear possession and use of WMDs, OR, decide to join the Good, ethical, religious and political leaders of Planet Earth to create one world of Persons, who are essentially the same, under one Supreme Being!

Dear Atheists, Please Choose God!

by Tom James on 01/28/18

Dear Atheist Leaders, committed to lead followers such as students, families, readers, and weekly religious persons away from a loving Hope in a Supreme Being that created us and the universe, from believing in God-given Personhood, and to believing in an angry and militaristically aggressive BELIEF THAT THERE IS NO GOD!

Please, if you are deciding between God and no God, and if you are being assaulted by aggressive Atheists, STOP, and consider the consequences of such a decision and choice.

  1. You are no longer a Person because the God who has loved you for all eternity and continues to love you made you a Person, but you believe there is no soul in you or OTHERS!

  2. You have no Hope. No Hope in a joyful afterlife. No Hope in a built-in morality.

  3. Your good guardian angel weeps, and your evil guardian angel laughs!

  4. You have no inalienable rights since you “believe” you are no longer a Person.

  5. You are willing to join a religious or a single-party totalitarian regime and deny Personhood to the people unlucky enough to live under your evil rule!

  6. You cannot make a marriage vow!

  7. For you, there is no moral code, only laws to be manipulated.

  8. You will spend your life seeking power:

    1. Economic power (wealth)

    2. Social power (prestige)

    3. Political power (over others)

    4. Sexual power (over women or men to be your sexual slaves)

    5. Community power (to use your Community for selfish objectives)

    6. Power to LIE (manipulate the Truth to achieve all of the above powers)


You will be seeking the power to control and ignore the increasing worries about aging, fears, and terrors of the night caused by the consequences of your choices and dread of approaching hopeless death.


I will leave your conscience to fill in the dots at the end of that “and”.

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the World's Religions

by Tom James on 01/13/18

FACT: The world's population almost quadrupled in the 20th century. Due to the miracles of modern medicine, the clean hands movement among medical personnel, the spread of knowledge about health matters in the all the populations of the world, better nutrition, cleaner water, etc. etc.!

FACT: All the great religions teach the Sacredness of the marriage vow, the central role of the family as a basis of society, and the having of children as the core blessing on a family.

THEREFORE: I propose that all religions consider the adoption of a Sacred Communal or individual ritual blessing on the SACRED decision to have no more children in a marriage already blessed with a number of children when the PARENTS, in prayerful consideration, have decided to complete their family. This decision would be part of a Community-wide decision that the population of their local Community or country has exceeded sustainable viability.

The ritual would include a pledge and decision to renew their marriage vow to one another, as well as their children. They would promise to love, support, and sustain their family, and to lead one another to create a holy, Grace-filled family, modelled after that of the holy family of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus (or similar models in other-than-the-Christian religion). The religious leaders will specify that with this pledge, the married couple may use any and all God-given means to prevent further births (excluding abortion).

The pledge does not extend to any action that would constitute a departure from the marriage vow bonding the couple to one another alone.

The role the bishops, imams, etc. will be to bless the decision of the married couple and to emphasize the Sacredness of their action and their family.

There are many disasters created by overpopulation. The first disaster is its horrendously horrible effect on the poor and helpless. The second disaster is the effect on members of the family, especially young males, causing hopelessness and therefore openness to horrible causes or movements like ISIS and Nazism.

The World Leadership Pledge for Persons

by Tom James on 01/06/18

I intend to join with all Persons on this planet and lead with Good, Centered ethical values, ideas, and actions to bring about a Global Community of Persons who recognize their God-given Personhood through worshiping the Supreme Being, serving and loving one's neighbor, and working to make the world a place where peace, justice, goodness, and kindness prevail in our homes, our local Communities, our states, and all our nations.

All Persons everywhere must set aside tribal ideas of hatred of other religions, countries, and Persons, and join in the pledge shown above!

Killing Good Ethical Words, Ideas, and Concepts.

by Tom James on 12/15/17

In the eternal battle between good and evil, the evil minions are successfully sucking the life (the meaning) out of words, ideas, and the basis of Western democracies.

For example?

Well, let's pick a few.

Supreme Being vs. No Supreme Being--Atheist

-Integrity and honor          -Whatever works

-Love and Sacred Truth    -Whatever works

-Work is a Gift                  -Work is slavery

-Love of family                 -Love of self

-Faith in the Supreme       -You're kidding, right?


-Hope in the Supreme       -What?!


-Love of all Persons          -You've got to be crazy

-Trust and be trusted         -Trust no one

-Purity, treating all as       -666 Is good. We are animals.


-Servant leadership          -Power, be the boss

-Help those in need          -Why?

-Life goal—make the      -Life goal—to have Community

Community better             serve me

-Worship Supreme          -Join a religion to make contacts

Being always as part of

a Community (religion)

-and many more..            -Give it up

Words, ideas, and concepts such as these are no longer used or taught by SOPHISTICATES! Atheists respond, “Who needs them?”

Being a Good, Ethical Leader of Women

by Tom James on 12/05/17

The recent increase in women going public with their stories of sexual predation by sometimes famous men, and the resultant destruction of the men's careers and reputations, deserves a discussion and review about how a good, ethical leader should think and act towards women in the future.

For good, ethical leaders, they should:

  1. Ground their lives in a search for the Supreme Being, according to their religions' wisdom and Sacred literature.

  2. Treat women (and men) as Persons because they are Sacred.

  3. Know that thinking of women as sex objects wipes out the ability to benefit from the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, counsel, strength, and yin-ness.

  4. Consider that if there is a Supreme Being that is our judge and merciful Father, then redemption is possible. We are all sinners. May God grant you strength and comfort in God's love and grace, both in your own life and in your good, ethical leadership.

For men involved, seek forgiveness from God, from the injured Persons, and from all to whom you have given that example. And change your ideas about women and sex.

Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and All Member Nations

by Tom James on 11/21/17

It's time to consider the following addition to the opening chapter of the United Nations charter:

“We believe in a Supreme Being and the fact that the human beings have been gifted by the Supreme Being with Personhood. That Personhood is the same in all Persons, no matter what race, gender, nationality, etc.

The Supreme Being is all good and therefore cannot condone or inspire evil or evil acts.

Because of this evident fact, no Person, group, religion, or country can deny the rights given to a Person through the United Nations charter. The rights of a person include the right to life and the right to worship the Supreme Being according to their religion or custom.”


The world is faced with Armageddon because of the technological advances in weapons of mass destruction and the powerful forces of:

  1. Persons believing that their Supreme Being guides them to hate and murder those who are not “believers” in their religion.

  2. AND Persons who believe that there is no Supreme Being. They think that they can take control of their countries and create totalitarian regimes that deprive all its citizens of Personhood and its rights. Their radicalism poses a threat to all other nations because of their aggressive plans and actions along with their access to weapons of mass destruction.

P.S. This discussion should begin ASAP, and even if progress is thwarted by nations' representatives that disagree with its adoption, the fact that the discussion is taking place and the proposed language is so clear, there will be a beginning of a tide of theological and philosophical ideas and tools in the hands of the rest of the world's political and religious leaders.

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